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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Everyone who knows us, knows we like pancakes! Pete's consistent contribution to the household menu, is making breakfast on the weekends, and pancakes and crepes are his speciality! This always happens on the weekend, however, one special day of the year, the rules are broken! Shrove Tuesday is a great way to be able to justify mid-week pancakes! 

While spending many hours on various modes of transportation to get to Belfast to have our fingerprints taken last week, I had some time to kill, so purchased a copy of Hello! Magazine. Granted, reading the magazine cover to cover didn't pass all that much time, but it did provide some inspiration! There was a recipe in the back section for a cake made of pancakes! It was made with chocolate and banana's (blergh), but I thought the idea was worth trying! 

I made a large one for Pete to take in to work today, and we had a mini one last night to test it out!!!! It was really, really good! Who knew!!!! 

The fillings between the layers on my version of this Pancakecake were: Maple marscapone, and salted butterscotch with chopped hazelnuts! Pretty well my favourite sweet ingredients, all layered between freshly cooked pancakes... delish! 

I'm awaiting some feedback from Pete on how it worked out today, but ours last night was delicious, so I figured it was safe to go ahead and blog about it anyway!!!!! 

Happy pancake day!!!

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