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About Meg

My name is Meg. Growing up I was somewhat of a fussy eater, and so had various adjustments made to my meals, which soon became my nickname at home, Special Meals Meg. Some things never change. I still embarass my husband when ordering at a restaurant as I am always making slight changes (improvements!) to the options. I have also been through various restrictive diets and have a built up quite the list of foods I can no longer eat. So my meals have become a special variation on normal eating. This does not mean I miss out, the food I make is just more special! This was my inspiration for the naming of this blog. As my husband said to me, you're special meals Meg, always have been, always will be. And so Special Meals Meg was finally given a positive spin!

My husband and I moved from Australia to Oxford where my husband studied for a year, and have since moved to London. Cooking and crafty activities have always been my favourite way to pass time, and cooking food from home has been a special way to have a little comfort in this foreign land! Since leaving Aus, I've learned a lot about British food (in that I am not the biggest fan thus far, but always hoping to have my mind changed). Through some travel and global friends, I have also discovered that I want to live on the French-Italian border, as the French style Italian, and Italian style French, are possibly my next two favourite styles of cuisines, after Australian, of course!

I started this blog to display the fruits of my effort, so to speak, although as you will discover, I do not each much fruit. My blog has developed into an expression of my life, as I have enjoyed writing not only about the food I've made, but about the experiences that they've created.

I make all the food on the blog, and take all the photographs myself. I hope you enjoy having a read through, try a few recipes out perhaps, and leave me a note if you have some new ideas for me to try!