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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Just a simple salad!

I received this awesome Joseph Joseph salad bowl for my birthday from Saraidy, and couldn't wait to make something to fill it with!! I love the endless possibilities of filling this bowl with salads, pasta's or even the world's biggest trifle. But also, I think it will look equally as impressive just filled with fresh lemons as a centrepiece! 

I knew there was no way we could make something that just the two of us could finish off, so when we had Pete's Uncles over on the weekend, I knew it could be the bowl's maiden voyage! 

We had chicken, with a salad, just a simple salad.... kind of! 

Here's what I "tossed" in the salad:
- Mixed leaf (as Pete is finally, finally learning that I don't love spinach....)
- Peeled zuccini/courgettes
- Avocado
- Semi dried tomatoes
- Red onion 
- Toasted pecans
- Roasted pumpkin and
- Grilled halloumi (which I marinated in truffle oil! mmmmm)

Thanks Saraidy, only 6 short months till we can make your favourite Thai Beef Salad and eat it together, just the five of us!! 

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