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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Molly Chicken

Why is the chicken "Molly" you wonder to yourself. Because the foundation of this meal is Holly's stuffed chicken, that I have stuffed differently and gave it a little bit of a French influence. Meg + Holly = Molly.

When we were in Wales together over Easter, Holly's meal for our little family was preparing stuffed chicken. Everyone was given an order form to choose a variety of marinades and ingredients to stuff the chicken with. It was incredible. And so I thought I'd try to re-create the magic, but wanted it to have a bit more of a French feel to it (as I read about the MBA's in Paris this weekend, perhaps it is influencing my desires somewhat).

Firstly cut the chicken breast open and then beat it out (I used my rolling pin instead of a meat mallet). I then used semi-dried tomatoes, marinated artichoke and mozzarella and filled the chicken breast with this. Close the breast together and if it isn't staying together properly you may need to use skewers to keep the chicken sides together. I wanted the chicken to be a little browned, so I quickly grilled it first before putting it in the oven. I then put the chicken in my big Le Creuset pot with white wine, olive oil, basil and the oils from the semi dried tomatos and artichoke. It cooked for about 20 minutes. I served steamed broccoli with the chicken, but think green peans and potato would be nice, in an ideal world where grains and carbs are allowed! Cooking the chicken in wine made it very tender and succulent (and vintage French), whilst the semi-mediterranean fillings were so flavoursome they infused the entire breast.

Thanks for the inspiration Holly Bell!! Il est delicieux!!

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