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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Royal Gingernuts

I have been trying to maintain that this blog would only be about the food that I am making and photographing, but, after experiencing the Royal Wedding first hand, I just HAD to make an exception!

These ARE the gingernuts I baked to take with us, and that is all I'm saying about food, these were not the stars of the day, although they were tasty and did the job at 3am when the cold was setting in on us on the concrete corner we secured along The Mall.

Holly Bell, Verena Stocker and Michelle Zenz all made the trip to London with me to join in this historic event. We camped out on the street from 9pm the previous night, braving the elements and making deals with God, to please stop the raindrops that fell every few hours. We managed to get a front row position along The Mall, about 1/2 km from Buckinham Palace. We took foot stools with us to stand on, in case we weren't going to have 100% vision, which did cause a slight mob hatred behind us. They were already cranky that us already tall girls were going to wear fancy hats, let alone stand on steps too! But, the step-standing and hat-wearing paid off and landed us our 10 seconds of fame on the BBC, interviewed as "Beautiful" girls from around the world! (here is the link to our interview http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-13235835)

We had the perfect spot, seeing the entire processions to and from the church, and even managed to follow about 700,000 people down the Mall and got clear vision of the balcony, for the kissES!! We even got a personal smile and wave from the Other Royal Gingernut, as we screamed out Harry's name, he turned back and waved to us! Just the right amount of sugar!!!! It was the most spectacular day, extremely special and we feel forever spoiled. Thank you to my friends for sharing this amazing experience, the shared laughter and tears contributed to a day I know I will never forget.


  1. Your photos look so professional!

  2. The gingernuts definitely helped get me through that cold night on The Mall (as well as to help satisfy my alleged tapeworm). I'm going to have to make some gingernuts while I scrapbook Royal Wedding memorabilia soon!