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Friday, May 18, 2012

Corn Fritters

I've noticed that Corn Fritters have become a fancy brunch dish of choice over the past few years, whereas growing up, they were on the side of garlic crumbed chicken with greens (which was delicious in a very different way). 

But, I decided that I would make some brunch-style fritters for dinner one night, and they were indeed somewhat delicious! 

The corn fritters were made with sweet corn kernels, flour, eggs, milk, fresh coriander and salt & pepper. I roasted some tomatoes, passata and basil together to create a rustic coulis.  I also cooked some bacon and served with rocket and creme fraiche! 

Its a great meal because you can really pair anything with corn fritters, which makes them very versatile but yet remains a simple base for a meal. 

Yum yum. 

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