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Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Fudge!

For the past 10 years Pete and I have made fudge each Easter, as I can't eat chocolate and so its been our way of making Easter still fun and sugar-filled! We started our tradition in Stanthorpe (Pete's home) and have developed quite a liking to become skilled fudgiers! (You think of a better name for it!!!). 

This year we got a little bit more creative and made 6 different flavours of fudge, from two different bases! 

From the caramel based batch, we did a salted caramel and maple and walnut. 
From the vanilla batch we made lemon, rose, cinnamon and plain vanilla. 

We werent as impressed with the vanilla batch, as we both prefer crumbly fudge rather than the smooth soft form that this recipe produced. However, the cinnamon worked the most successfully and set better than the other three. 

I have previously blogged about the salted caramel fudge, which is still amazing, but, I LOVED the maple and walnut fudge! The crunchy walnuts added such a great texture to the fudge and the maple flavour complimented the caramel and nuttiness perfectly. 

To make, follow my recipe for the salted caramel, making the following changes:

1. Supplement 2.5 tablespoons of maple syrup instead of golden syrup
2. Omit adding salt
3. Just before pouring the fudge into a tin, mix in chopped walnuts!

Simple additions, well worth trying!!!

I have a few more Easter things to come, was a little creative this year (including a somewhat un-traditional roast turkey for Easter Sunday lunch!). 

Happy Easter!

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