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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Meggs Benedict

I love eggs benedict. 

It is my all time favourite breakfast food. I get so disappointed when the hollandaise is rubbish, but completely blissed out when its done well. I am yet to find a really good benedict in the UK, and so once a month or so I make it for Pete and I on the weekend. I had given up this favourite of mine during the first half of my pregnancy, but find that by making it myself, I can cook the hollandaise to the recommended temperature, and just cook my eggs through instead of having them oozing their gooey goodness all over my plate.

I will make it slowly one weekend and photograph how to make the hollandaise, to which when you've mastered it, you will indeed consider yourself a skilled saucier. I just wanted to photograph this on Sunday because taking an hour or so to have a delicious breakfast at home with my husband was such a treat, for so many reasons.

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